The Association of Philadelphia Area Figure Skating Clubs is an organization that has been in existence since 1935, when at that time it awarded its first trophy at a competition between member clubs. This long standing association of figure skating clubs in the greater Philadelphia Area and within a 110 mile radius of City Hall, was formalized in 1965 with the adoption of its first by-laws.


The APAFSC mission is to promote and encourage all aspects of figure skating recognized and endorsed by USFS, and to foster inter-club cooperation in testing, competitions, and other events related to the sport. The Association governs the conduct and coordinates the annual Philadelphia Area Figure Skating Championships. In addition, the Association supports workshops and seminars that enhance the development of skaters, coaches and parents involved with skating. Lastly, the APAFSC provides support and assistance for the development of new clubs desiring affiliation with USFS and the Association.

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